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RE: Variation Orders - Renumbering of Trees

Subject: RE: Variation Orders - Renumbering of Trees
From: Simon Keenan
Date: Dec 15 2008 11:40:28
Lee if trees are removed and existing individual trees still protected
I'd wonder whether the order needed to be varied at all? Unless it was
old etc, etc?  

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Subject: Variation Orders - Renumbering of Trees

When making a variation order where trees have been removed (and never
is it normal practice (and legal) amongst LA's for the renumbering of
trees within the variation order?
I have recently undertaken a TPO review where several trees have gone
and thus in an attempt to avoide future confusion on the plan  I
'sequentially' renumbered the remaining trees in order (T1, T2, T3 etc).
In response Legal Dept stated that they hold no 'authority' to
re-reference trees already protected under a TPO and which are to
continue receiving that protection. They continue to state that their '
legal authority' only permits the inclusion or removal of trees from the
Order where appropriate, and not to vary the original Order in any other
way, regardless of any assumed convenience it might provide to its
In addition to this Legal are stating that such renumbering will
actually cause future confusion. My response was that as long as the
remaining trees are clearly and correctly identified on the plan and
schedule there should be little room for any confusion
Any assitance gratefully received.

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