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Re: Seeking informed advice

Subject: Re: Seeking informed advice
From: Andersonarb
Date: Dec 16 2008 17:52:51
In a message dated 16/12/2008 17:32:30 GMT Standard Time, writes:

Colin  -
In case Mr P is unavailable, I've always thought Professor Barrie  
Juniper would give an interesting talk , about his adventures in Central  
Asia researching the origin of fruit trees - I believe he does that sort  
of thing. (Give talks, I mean.)

(Or you could always ask  Ben!)

If you organise that one can I come? (I saw Ben at Canterbury!)
Thomas Pakenham did the AA conference in Stirling a few years ago, I though  
he was terriffic. My brother went off on a nursery visit with him where he 
came  out with a gem along the lines of "these Serbian Spruce just don't look 
like that in the wild."
We got him to Manchester for a Northern Branch do, it was badly attended  and 
we lost money on the thing but I enjoyed it. I think he flew in from Ireland  
for the day.
Cassells published "Meetings" if he's got a book to promote he might be  
touring on the other hand he might be no longer with us....
'Ang on _ 
(  he  is alive! Have 
Cassells been gobbled 
up by Orion?

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