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Re: Seeking informed advice

Subject: Re: Seeking informed advice
From: jon heuch
Date: Dec 16 2008 18:08:07
I am seeking some information. Has anyone listened to a presentation by 
Thomas Pakenham of Remarkable Trees fame?
I would appreciate advice on his skill as say a keynote speaker. I know from

his books that of course he?has travelled extensively, but does anyone know 
whether he travels to maake presentations and?has anyone any experience
expensive he might be.
If you?can assist I would be pleased to hear from you and if you would feel 
more comfortable please contact me off forum.
Thanks in anticipation


I heard him at the Edinburgh Book Festival a few years ago. Annoyingly well
informed and full of anecdotes from the views of trees from his Irish Estate
as a child to the taking of baobab photos in just the right light (after
trying for a month) in Madagascar...unless I am getting confused with
another speaker.


I don't know whether the passing of time may have altered his willingness to
travel and capacity to deliver, and also don't know what he charges, but
suggest to his agent that it's an opportunity to sell a few signed books!. 





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