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Re: Down boy

Subject: Re: Down boy
From: heartwood7
Date: Dec 17 2008 14:49:18

 How often do you expect to apply it.? Certainly weather is a factor.? A one 
to one water and bleach in a pump spray bottle has been simple and effective 
keeping cats out of a few plant beds here and is done on an as needed basis.? 
They seem to learn and quit coming, we quit spraying.?? Patrick George



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Any recommendations for liquids / oils / gels / sprays etc that could
put lassie off (or down) would be great. Or other novel solutions?
(unfortunately I think stems smeared in chilli sauce would be
counter-productive by attracting drunk weekend kebab eaters)

Chili wouldn't be efective anyway as some dogs will eat it.

You may try English Mustard as I've yet to see a dog that will go back
to something with mustard on it or in it. You may get people looking
askance at you when you're pasting on the Colemans. If the dogs do have
at it it will make them extremely sick.

Could also try proprietary brands of deterents such as Renardine (no not
Grenadine, that attracts Bridge playing maiden Aunts..)which will empty
the park of pretty much everything if used in sufficent quantities.

Make sure you have some covert cameras running and post the results here


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