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RE: Down boy

Subject: RE: Down boy
Date: Dec 17 2008 14:51:05
I once had a dog that would eat anything remotely edible and quite a few
inedible things as well.  In desperation to stop this hound stealing
food, (he once at half a turkey along with the other leftovers from a
Christmas dinner) I hollowed out some chocolates and small cakes, filled
the hollows with English mustard, put them on a plate on the kitchen
table and retreated to a suitable point to observe.   Within a short
time of the plate of spiked comestibles been positioned, said mutt
entered the room.  With a furtive glance to see who was about he
proceeded to take a chocolate from the plate.  Ah Ha! now he'll get his
comeuppance, thought I.  Clearly the dog was surprised by the somewhat
piquant taste of the chocolate so surprised he thought he better have
another, just to see and then another and so on until all chocolate and
all cake was gone.  
I would point out that this dog would eat left overs from the extra hot
vindaloo curries, Mexican chillies and lettuce!!

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