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your thoughts please

Subject: your thoughts please
From: benfuest
Date: Dec 17 2008 18:25:27
Hi all

Tree care is a service industry and in the economic climate as is will 
presumably taking a hit. Developers are not building houses so no need for 
development related tree services, house prices are falling, incomes at risk 
so residential tree care bottom of list of things to do.

Councils burnt in Icelandic bank collapse so tree surveys possibly cut back 
too............The posts on forum are mostly from council employed tree 
officers. This is not intended as a dig just an observation, so what of the 
contracting community, are we at risk of losing them and there skills ?

I work across the pond in the USA a bit and looking at the top twenty firms 
over there they start at about 24 million dollar turn over and go on up to 
one point seven billion dollars. Of course it is all relative and I dare say 
they are hurting, but over here it is all a lot more cottage by comparison. 

Traditionally in such a cash calamity it is the commercial forestry sector 
that takes the pain as the trees can be left standing till markets return, 
Arb contractors have not had to experience this sort of down turn before or 
am I wrong ?

Just thinking aloud an wondered what you lot thought.

All the best Ben

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