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RE:preventing dogs chewing trees

Subject: RE:preventing dogs chewing trees
From: rupertbaker
Date: Dec 17 2008 18:51:56
We used AAprotect in a similar situation a few years ago - it seemed to
work.  More effective would be to soot their owners who train them in being
tough by setting them on young trees.

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From: Justin Hobbs [] 
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Subject: Down boy

This may have been a previous topic so apologies if so.

Recent(ish) plantings (14/16's up to 20's) in a park in sunny Gloucester
have been subjected to what appears to be dogs biting / gnawing the main
stems. We have started caging these trees in metal tree guards but the
culprit(s) have now moved onto bigger trees: limes of approx girth 50 -
60cms +

Bigger cages are an option but expense, etc. CCTV is poor but being looked
at. It is well used park with a keeper but he's seen nothing so possibly the
attacks are happening at night.

Any recommendations for liquids / oils / gels / sprays etc that could put
lassie off (or down) would be great. Or other novel solutions?
(unfortunately I think stems smeared in chilli sauce would be
counter-productive by attracting drunk weekend kebab eaters)


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