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RE: Down boy [Scanned]

Subject: RE: Down boy [Scanned]
From: Burke Nick \(DEL\)
Date: Dec 18 2008 08:43:57
'Dog damage can be quite severe, either on the trunk or with branches
brought down for the dogs to hang from. It's part of teaching aggression
and I should treat it with some seriousness.

Edmund Hopkins
Tree Officer
Planning Services
Nottingham City Council'

I have to agree with Edmund, whilst in Camden I remember a similar
problem and it's nearly always going to be out of hours. Its usually
local 'Scallie' teaching their dogs to attack and be aggressive. Can you
close the parks down after a certain time, although this wont always
stop them getting in may reduce the overall impact or hire a security
firm to do some random checks on the parks for a short while. This may
deter the local dog owners who are doing this for a while. As to cages
it depends on what they are made of I remember seeing a lot of the
thinner wire cages that looked liked they had been ragged by the dogs as
well almost yanking the trees over with the cage. You could try
contacting the Camden Parks Officers I'm not sure but I think they did
come up with some sort of solution at the time.

Nick Burke
Planning Officer - Arboriculture
Environmental Planning, 
Development Services
Sheffield City Council, 
Howden House
1 Union Street, 
S1 2SH

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