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Subject: Re: your thoughts please
From: Andersonarb
Date: Dec 18 2008 09:07:20
In a message dated 17/12/2008 23:43:44 GMT Standard Time, writes:

Thanks  Ken and yes we live in interesting times. 

Hmm yes, I was chatting with a car dealer the other night, well I say  
chatting, it was more like a grump-fest crossed with a whinge-athon. He 
that trees keep growing don't they? Which is a fair point but then again many 
developers round here have just shut down their sites and are awaiting some 
sort  of up-turn in the property market. Having said that I've a few 5837 
in  the offing although I've noticed some downward-pressure on prices.
All the press speculation  means that people are nervous and you can  fairly 
easily see how they might adjust their frivolous spending to the  detriment 
Woolworths and their ilk. However, by and large spending money on  tree 
maintenance was never frivolous so I don't particularly see the  situation as 
a seismic shift, more a shake-down for the industry. There  might be some 
bargain machinery purchases to be made and there may be time to  get the yard 
better organised and more efficient. But I think we'd all do well  to be 
As to the car dealer, I retaliated by pointing out that cars still keep  
wearing out and you can only keep em going for so long before you have to buy 
another one...... Which everybody was thinking of doing anyway cos of the  
embedded carbon weren't they?
Overall I dunno; could some geneticist develop a tree that grows in direct  
proportion to the retail prices index?

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