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Subject: RE: [SPAM] - RE: your thoughts please [Scanned] - Found word(s) list error in the Text body
From: Gary Summerfield
Date: Dec 18 2008 10:50:01
I was part of a 5 man tree officer team at Peterborough City Council and
in the last round of cuts they disbanded the entire section in an
attempt to cut costs!! I believe the landscape section (with no
qualified arboriculturalists) is now managing the council's extensive
tree stock and woodlands, which in itself is a very scary proposition.

As Liam mentioned, the planning section have retained one qualified
Arboriculturalist to undertake all the planning and TPO work but I was
told yesterday they are looking to cut another 400 posts. 

I don't think anybody in the public sector should sleep easy at a time
when councils are what they call 'streamlining'!!

As for the private sector, there has been a steady decline in all
domestic work, although some contracts remain steady throughout.

Gary Summerfield
Arboricultural Group Manager

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Fax: 01733 XXXXXX
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From: Liam McKarry [] 
Sent: 18 December 2008 10:23
To: UK Tree Care
Subject: [SPAM] - RE: your thoughts please [Scanned] - Found word(s)
list error in the Text body

However, it should be borne in mind that the Town and Country Planning
Act says that the LPA has a duty to protect trees - that is a statutory
duty. Also as per trees in towns 2 all councils are recommended to have
a 'qualified arboriculturist' on staff to deal with tree issues.

Just another thought - whilst house prices blah, blah are dropping, the
prudent developer is still looking at sites and applying for planning
permission with the anticipation of developing when an upturn occurs.

Not to mention extensions and conservatories, oh and if in doubt the
beloved TPO resurvey is always there as a back up.....

Liam McKarry

Arboricultural Planning Officer


Environmental & Protective Services

Colchester Borough Council

PO Box 889



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From: Edmund Hopkins [] 
Sent: 18 December 2008 09:51
To: UK Tree Care
Subject: RE: your thoughts please [Scanned]

My thoughts Ben are that tree officers are not immune from the downturn
as councils freeze recruitment and make staff cuts. Leicester planning
Services are already planning redundancies though I don't know what
their arb complement is. Bound to be less development site work of
course, but I'd expect to see domestic orders falling off as well, at
least the work relating to shade and other peripheral aspects. I started
trading in the late 70's in what I think was a recession and it seemed
to me that domestic tree work generally was not a householder priority.

As to the capitalisation and size of contractors, I'm not sure that
matters: a big firm may shed a hundred posts, or a small firm just the
one, but the losses remain relative.

Edmund Hopkins
Tree Officer
Planning Services
Nottingham City Council

Ben wrote
Councils burnt in Icelandic bank collapse so tree surveys possibly cut
back too............The posts on forum are mostly from council employed
tree officers. This is not intended as a dig just an observation, so
what of the contracting community, are we at risk of losing them and
there skills ?

Traditionally in such a cash calamity it is the commercial forestry
sector that takes the pain as the trees can be left standing till
markets return, Arb contractors have not had to experience this sort of
down turn before or am I wrong ?

Just thinking aloud an wondered what you lot thought.

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