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RE: your thoughts please

Subject: RE: your thoughts please
From: Liam McKarry
Date: Dec 18 2008 11:30:35
Yeah and that's a central government driven figure that they have
committed to. 
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From: Phillip Ellis [] 
Sent: 18 December 2008 10:51
To: UK Tree Care
Subject: RE: your thoughts please

As far as future development goes in the South East. 

Part of the South East Plan is to build 33,000 houses a year, yes thirty
three thousand houses a year. This is the figure given to me by the EA
have the gruesome task of commenting.
Therefore the potential for development sites is still huge but its how
kick start it again?

Somehow we have all got to hold on to wait for the surge of work down

Phillip Ellis

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From: Howe, Ron [] 
Sent: 18 December 2008 10:44
To: UK Tree Care
Subject: RE: your thoughts please

Hi Ben,

I had a tree contracting business back in the 80s and 90s. I went
through the 87 storm ... I did a lot of development related work in the
Sussex area. During the building slump of the early 90s I took a big
hit, but I weathered through and the slump didn't actually last that
long. I just got bored of working hard for very little and diversified a
bit, taking on some regular garden type contracts. In the end I got a
job with a local company and went to university (as a very mature
student) and then moved fully into local government in 2000.

2007 was a unique year and my figures for tree applications were double
that of 2006 and 2008. Recently, over the last two months my application
figures have again doubled ... They are always growing. People are
struggling a little or are cautious and holding on to their money and,
people aren't moving, but they are spending money on their properties
including treeworks. After X-mas, maybe those that haven't been made
redundant and have pulled in their belts will find themselves with a
little spare cash in the new year.

I am an optimist ... I think development will pick up again, because
developers will realise, that the housing market will come back on line,
slowly, and, that it's actually 'cheaper' to construct now in a
depressed market for future profits. The government have relaxed a lot
of planning constraints in order to meet the demand for housing over the
next five to ten years ... I forget how many units.

Offering winter discounts to all those people that didn't come back to
you and didn't go ahead with the works is the way I always used to go
... 20% discount on the prices in January and a lot of phoning round the

Ron Howe
Planning Tree Officer
Mole Valley District Council
Direct Tel. 01306 XXX XXX

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From: benfuest [] 
Sent: Wed, 17 December 2008 18:25
To: UK Tree Care
Subject: your thoughts please


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