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Re: VAT Flat Rate Scheme and arboricultural consultants

Subject: Re: VAT Flat Rate Scheme and arboricultural consultants
From: Simon Pryce Arboriculture
Date: Dec 23 2008 12:07:50
I was on 10% but was changed to 9% when the standard rate dropped to 15%. I know one other arb consultant was on 9%. It seems to depend mainly on what the local office decide to classify you as.

For me it is more advantageous than being on the usual scheme, partly because I don't claim for fuel costs, my mileage is too low to make the scale charge for private use worth paying. It is worth keeping an eye on how it works for you. For starters you need to be aware that any "saving" will contribute to your profits so will be liable for income / corporation tax on it. That's 40% off the apparent benefit for most sole traders with enough turnover to be registered.

Whatever you do keep records and don't try to pull fast ones on HMCI. They are not nice when they get upset.

Best wishes for Christmas one and all


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