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RE: amending TPO

Subject: RE: amending TPO
From: Addison, Gilbert
Date: Jan 06 2009 12:58:39
Nick - if the order is pre-1989 then the woodland isn't properly
protected anyway so make a new one. 

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Subject: RE: amending TPO

Before all this malarkey of TPOing woodlands, any chance of encouraging
management of the remaining woodland in conjunction with FC grants (as
per the Blue Book)? Any possibility of the Council purchasing this
remaining woodland (as the other 5 appear to have been bought)? To
answer your question the new TPO would appear to be a completely
different animal. 

Thee is absolutely no chance of buying the other woodland at present due
to financial constraints assuming the owner would sell. And yes I think
we should encourage good management in conjunction with FC grants. FC
authority to carry out works would override the TPO anyway wouldn't it.
The other five woods have been managed under management schemes for a
number of years so I don't see why the remaining one couldn't. However
I'm in the process of checking the background history of the woodland
before I put any thoughts forward. I want to make sure the owner is
managing or prepared to mange the woodlands before I make a decision.

Nick Burke
Planning Officer - Arboriculture
Environmental Planning,
Development Services
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