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RE: jobbing chainsaw person [Scanned]

Subject: RE: jobbing chainsaw person [Scanned]
From: Addison, Gilbert
Date: Jan 26 2009 16:42:53
I think Ed has exposed a generation gap. I remember Gordon Souter telling me 
how when he was with English Woodlands as then was, his chainsaw buddy  - yes 
there were two of them - was a naturist save for his sandals. I've no idea 
how much he charged. Altogether now: uncross your legs.

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I'm amazed that anyone can even conceive the idea of the 'jobbing chainsaw 
person' working alone in the woodland. The only image I can see is the sound 
of one hand clapping whilst the poor sod bleeds out into the undergrowth.

'At one with nature', so to speak
I shake my head.


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Dear all,

How much by day rate does a jobbing chainsaw person engaged in low key 
woodland conservation work cost these days? Does he or she have to have a 
second person hovering at 2 trees length or can lone working still be done?

Thanks as always,


I would say the cheapest you'll get someone is around the £100-£120/day 
mark. I'll be glad to be proved wrong though. That's based on local 
contractors/fallers etc perhaps the East Mids is being crunched harder?!



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