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RE: jobbing chainsaw person [Scanned]

Subject: RE: jobbing chainsaw person [Scanned]
From: Addison, Gilbert
Date: Jan 27 2009 11:51:25
If an operative is cut/crushed alone deep in the woods, does it actually
happen? Does it still hurt? 

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From: Robert Knott [] 
Sent: 27 January 2009 11:42
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Subject: Re: jobbing chainsaw person [Scanned]

Hello Edmund

' One hand clapping?'

If nobody could hear the shouts, whistles or whatever loud thing there
may be to hand, then the two are one & the same

PS The other hand might be holding the wound or trying to apply

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Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2009 7:38 AM
Subject: RE: jobbing chainsaw person [Scanned]

Even in my day BMP (before mobile phones) there were 2 of us, though I
to admit that at 2 trees distant and both busy sawing. In this case
there is 
no question of a solo effort it being a wood with plenty of public

Still to those of us no longer up to speed with workplace risk
assessment it 
does raise interesting questions: can one ever now work alone in the
where there is a risk of injury or is it ok without power tools? Maybe
depends on frequency of use, i.e a hedger just zipping off stumps once
hour? What if you're logging up with a chainsaw? What if you're
I'd say all these factors are to be weighed in the balance and risks

As for the one hand clapping, I still can't work that out!


Edmund Hopkins
Tree Officer
Planning Services
Nottingham City Council
From: Hare, Gareth []
Sent: 26 January 2009 17:16
To: UK Tree Care
Subject: RE: jobbing chainsaw person [Scanned]

I'm amazed that anyone can even conceive the idea of the 'jobbing
person' working alone in the woodland. The only image I can see is the
of one hand clapping whilst the poor sod bleeds out into the

'At one with nature', so to speak
I shake my head.


Hi Robert, the image you paint is one of my (perhaps everyone who's
worked with a saw) recurring nightmares. No-one wants this to happen.
Conversely I would warrant anyone with chainsaw skills has worked alone
at some time. If you have a bad enough accident with a saw you are going
to bleed out pretty damn quickly anyway (carotid, jugular or femoral)and
the presence of another may not help much. That said I think (Edmund
being the careful chap he is) would have appropriate control and
reporting measures in place to mitigate the risk to some extent.

What say you Edmund?


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