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RE: bees and tree failure

Subject: RE: bees and tree failure
From: Addison, Gilbert
Date: Jul 14 2009 12:24:56
Not so funny when you top out a mature beech at 12m not noticing the
small hole on the blind (gob) side and are then presented with half a
bees nest at chest level and nowhere to go in a hurry. At the end of it
all I reckon we got 20kg of honeycomb though, stuffed into every
container we could rustle up.

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Subject: bees and tree failure

Just out of interest
On Sunday I got the usual phone call, 'a large tree has blown down
please attend',  Which can mean anything from a small branch to a mature

But on site a mature beach had failed at the crown break, examining the
wound I found a bees nest, small entry hole and large cavity filled with
bees.  Made a fast exit and am awaiting the removal of the nest.  It was
just really interesting to see this nest, honey combs and such a clean
break point. 

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