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Subject: RE: this morning post
From: Addison, Gilbert
Date: Aug 04 2009 08:32:01
I don't think "penalised" is an appropriate word here. The whole of
society and it's legal system is based on a 'social contract'. We don't
live in a 'Jeffersonian Republic'and I for one would not wish to.

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Similar to Bill when I meet a client owning trees with TPO's I have to
explain individual tree owners are 'penalised for the common good and
they, as individuals, have to accept this fact.

On the other hand not enough trees are planted.
Its 'not fair' that LPA's rely so much on the public to plant trees and
do little planting themselves


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Mind  you, the remarks in your last sentence sounds uncannily like one
the  North's more prodigious posters.
To paraphrase Private Eye are the two  related!!

I do worry that my reports may get a wider circulation than I intend but
don't recall doing much in Mansfield lately. Also I'd be unlikely to
a  report based entirely on the premise that "it's not fair" I'd have
the  client that it was as fair as the rather inequable system ever gets
to find  another angle or forget it.

At this stage I would admit that I have pointed out to a local LPA  that
they can quite happily dish out TPOs with no regard to the BB whatsoever

their punishment is nil. Meanwhile if your average owner of a TPO'd tree
gives such scant regard to the regs they'll get nobbled for a couple of
kilo-quid. That's certainly not fair.

However I'm sure Sean will have followed the BB's guidance to the
and that this TPO is not just a simple way of foiling someone's
reasonable planning application.


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