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RE: Cable bracing

Subject: RE: Cable bracing
From: Addison, Gilbert
Date: Oct 21 2009 12:15:00
If you have even the smallest movement across the bolted profile, steel will 
work fracture in a short while, even if you can't se the fracture and think 
it's still intact.


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What about steel rods.... and more than one?

"Ian May" <> 21/10/2009 12:46 >>>
To the collective brain.
I have a situation where a large mature TPO Oak tree in the back of a
garden has wishboned at the fork of co-dominant stems. The two halves
are still in place but the new crack now extends to within a couple of
metres of ground level. The owner is very pro tree and wants to retain
it but recognises that something remedial should be done to reduce the
risk of failure to an acceptable level (there are adjoining back gardens
and outbuildings within the fall zone).
Its a fabulous tree and we don't want it written-off so I suggested that
a heavy steel cable strained between the stems in conjunction with a 25%
reduction of the smaller and less meaty back section would reduce the
risk of failure to an acceptable degree in my opinion.

The owner has had a number of arborists around to price the work to the
tree and so far all are reticent about guaranteeing the cable bracing
aspect of their work. I know its not about arborists being spineless but
are they being unnecessarily risk averse? Now being old school, I have a
lot of faith in steel cabling especially knowing that the principle of
cabling is well tried and tested in engineering (suspension bridges et
al) and if I was still on the tools and the tree was not in my Borough,
I know I could use steel cables to save the tree. 

I'm not aware of there ever being any come-back on arborists where
cables have failed, so my question to the forum is: how do I go about
persuading qualified arborists that they are being over-cautious?

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