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RE: Autumnwatch tree planting and bun fight

Subject: RE: Autumnwatch tree planting and bun fight
From: A . j Clark
Date: Dec 16 2009 16:05:16

Certainly, of course we're for raising the profile of the industry...... 

But surely that is best acheived with positive and constructive action, not 
with criticising and belittling those which we try and educate?

Fine, yes, work WITH the BBC. But applaud them for even bothering to allow 
such a topic some air-time........  then encourage them to expand on it, and 
turn it into the needed half hour/1 hour detailed special.

After all, I'm pretty sure that Tony Kirkham didn't run around giving it all 
the "No no no - this is all wrong!" standpoint, in order to get his BBC 2 

As for the good sound advice, yeah, it certainly is out there.......   The 
Tree Council and it's now 8,000ish tree wardens have been trying to bring 
tree planting awareness to the public view since the mid '70s. And then 
there's the Woodland Trust, Trees for Cities, The International Tree 
Foundation, Trees for Life, The Community Tree Trust.... etc. The list is 

I guess all I'm trying to say ultimately, is that there is a right and wrong 
way of doing things........   sorry, but in my humble opinion Mr Eden 
exhibited the wrong, and ultimately more damaging to this industry, way. 


Andy Clark

Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2009 15:25:21 +0000
Subject: Re: Autumnwatch tree planting and bun fight

A.j Clark wrote:
surely, given the context of clip as nothing more than a 2ish minute
guide as to the basics, there was hardly a need to even comment, let
alone criticise the BBC for "failing in it's duty to provide a public

I mean, is that really what the AA and it's 2,000 members think of the 
beeb, or was it just the throw-away personal opinion of it's director?
It's not what AA members think of the BBC but what the BBC (and the 
public) thinks of the AA. 
("Who??   That's where we go for motoring stories isn't it?")
I agree that in its own context the clip wasn't exactly full-on awful; 
but well done to Nick for commenting on it - I only he hope he contacted 
the programme producer as well as Hort Week.
But he cannot be criticised for drawing attention to the fact that good 
sound advice is out there, if you go the right people. 
In other words that AA also stands for Arboricultural Association.
MORE comments from the AA are needed in the media, EVERY time a 
tree-related story arises

It's called Raising our Profile and I thought we were in favour of it.

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