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RE: Fill over roots [Scanned]

Subject: RE: Fill over roots [Scanned]
From: Addison, Gilbert
Date: Dec 17 2009 13:56:49
I think air (oxygen) is going to be crucial Edmund - 750mm sounds an awful 
lot. Any sort of clay content is going to compact under amenity grass and 
gaseous exchange is notorious through clay. If you have to add anything??? 
sand and organic only would seem the best bet.


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Subject: Fill over roots [Scanned]

Dear forum

I have been asked if its ok to raise the levels over some very significant 
rootplates. Its amenity grassland and that won't change. It bothers me that 
the sum of my knowledge seems to be that 4 inches per annum is rule of thumb 
ok as told to me at Merrist Wood in the 20th century.

Assuming the level at the trunk(s) remains unchanged I am invited to agree 
fill of around 750mm topsoil onto the existing amenity grassland. What 
provision can I specify so that the roots beneath continue to get their water 
and air?

The trees are 6 magnificent Victorian Planes.

Does anyone have any practical insight they can impart?

Thanks as always

Edmund Hopkins
Tree Officer
Planning Services
Nottingham City Council

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