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RE: Response with responsibility

Subject: RE: Response with responsibility
From: John Flannigan
Date: Dec 18 2009 21:31:37
Thanks Jerry - I couldn't quite put a finger on why I didn't feel
comfortable reading this and you have hit the nail on the head. 

That said, its arguments are interesting and well articulated. 

Bearing in mind it's likely significant impact it will be interesting to see
if the NTSG have done any risk mapping and, if so, who they have involved.

I still wonder, bearing in mind no one knows whether injuries etc are more
prevalent in areas of active or proactive inspections, whether Arbs should
be putting so much effort into risk management but rather focussing on tree
resilience within the green infrastructure.


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Subject: Re: Response with responsibility

However sensible its conclusions, this is a curiously self-satisfied 
document. It reads more like a promotional puff for the Risk and 
Regulation Advisory Council. (And do we really need a section setting 
out  "a brief history [of] Better Regulation in the UK under the current 
Labour Government"? Why do  we need to be reminded of the colour of the 
current Government...?)
But anyway, thank goodness for Mr Haythornthwaite; because without his 
brave and timely intervention, the serried ranks of self-interested, 
money-grubbing Risk-Mongers (that's us folks) would have sneaked through 
legislation enabling us to foist our services on the public by requiring 
every tree in every old lady's garden to be inspected every five years.

But hang on though; was that how it was?
Personally I recall that most of the reasoned opposition to what was, 
after all, only a draft discussion document, actually came from within 
the industry.

But setting aside his equating the moral integrity of our profession 
with that of bankers, and however much we may applaud (and I do) the 
encouragement of a more rational attitude towards risk, I do find the 
self-congratulatory tone leaves a rather unpleasant taste in the mouth.

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