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Holes drilled in tarmac under a tree canopy..

Subject: Holes drilled in tarmac under a tree canopy..
From: Nick Hammick
Date: Dec 22 2009 15:32:58
Dear Forum
Further to a drawing received to discharge a specific planning condition, the 
following detail is given - 
The intended surface is to be a porous tarmacadam in a large aggregate with a 
series of holes drilled at 200mm centres.
Holes to be filled with fine gravel to allow water to pass through and not 
clog up any other material.
Tarmac to be capped with a resin bound aggregate at 20mm thickness - which is 
totally porous allowing surface water to percolate through to the drain holes 
Wall to wall tarmac has been laid here; in mitigation, they have proposed to 
drill holes at 200mm centres and undertake the above, over an area 
approximating to 2no car park spaces.  
Now, we are fairly o.k with the resin bound concerns are.. the 
size of the ' fine gravel '  to be used.  Too fine and it'll be fines eh!
Also, is it realistic to expect to be able to undertake/achieve these 
drillings at this density?  A calculation for the number of proposed drilling 
comes out at approx 570 for 2no. spaces @ 4.8m x 2.4m each.......won't it all 
just crumble to bits?
My instinct is to get the tarmac removed completely, given that resin bound 
aggregate was originally proposed here, but.....
Your collective wisdoms please and Happy Holidays to all.
Nick Hammick
Tree Officer
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