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RE: Holes drilled in tarmac under a tree canopy..

Subject: RE: Holes drilled in tarmac under a tree canopy..
From: Richard Nicholson \(Leisure\)
Date: Dec 22 2009 15:53:00
Hi Nick
I wouldn't bother with porous tarmac which will cease to become porous
after 3-4 years as the binder migrates through the stone matrix. It
might be that the tree can adjust to a gradual change, depending on
species, site factors and most importantly the effects of the
construction activity to install the surface in the first place but
there is no guarantee. 

Also, depending on the type and supplier, I remain to be convinced that
the porous tarmac will remain porous after capping it with 20mm of resin
bound gravel. And I share your concerns about the number of holes in
what can be a brittle surface.

BS5837 11.9.4 has some information on air/water holes in slabs which
might be useful. Also remember the information in 11.4.1 and 11.8.2
about the maximum area of impermeable surfaces, which is what the
proposed surface will be.

Personally I support the idea of 50mm diameter holes in surfaces filled
with aggregate or no-fines gravel because it is more likely that such a
matrix will not get blocked with tree dander compared to a finer resin
bound matrix.

Probably not a great deal of help but I was bored with committee

Happy Christmas all, 

Richard N

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