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RE: Holes drilled in tarmac under a tree canopy.r list uktc

Subject: RE: Holes drilled in tarmac under a tree canopy.r list uktc
From: GuyM
Date: Dec 23 2009 04:37:13
We tried this in an old what we call asphalt parking lt that was 270 degrees 
around an old Ilex opaca; 400mm centers and filled with expanded slate 
aggregate, the main ingredient of "structural soil" over here.  

It was 3/4"; er 25 mm? size chunks and compacted for traffic but recessed to 
allow tree dander (funny but seems pejorative) to rot; that was part of the 
plan, along with compost in the bottom of the holes.  lost permeability 
judged to be a minor factor and so it was--tree was in steep decline when met 
and it did not slow down much; died in 2 years regardless.

Yes vacuuming that resinbound aggregate to avoid clogging could easily fall 
off the maintenance list, and then what?

Guy Philip Meilleur
ISA Board-Certified Master Arborist #SO-0284BMUT
ISA Certified Tree Worker & Utility & Municipal Specialist 
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"Facilitating the coexistence of trees and people"
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