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Cold weather blues

Subject: Cold weather blues
From: andersonarb
Date: Dec 30 2009 11:00:45
                             LAST FEW DAYS!!
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After the pre-Christmas slow down and the extended Christmas break, I found 
myself yesterday frantically trying to get the stove that heats the office up 
to a temperature that means it's tolerable for the sedentary activities that 
go on in there; sitting at a keyboard not being conducive to working up a 
sweat. Naturally most of the decent firewood has been purloined by the staff 
so I thought I'd better split some more.

It's cold so naturally the log-splitter-tractor won't start. The battery is a 
good-un so a can of easy start is the answer. Pulled off the top of the can 
and put it on the bonnet of the tractor, pulled off the air cleaner, squirted 
some stuff in and turned it over. It fired up instantly and sucked the top of 
the easy start can straight in so we had to sop it and go and find something 
long and bendy to extract the cap from the depths of the air intake before 
repeating the performance keeping firm hold of the top of the can this time!

In the meantime the loading shovel, needed to drag some stuff to the splitter 
also wouldn't start, so off to find some jump leads and a vehicle powerful 
enough to generate enough power to start that thing. (The tractor attached to 
the log-splitter doesn't actually move unless we detach the splitter). Which 
in turn had to jump start a mate's tractor that had been parked in the middle 
of the drive, obstructing the route to the log heap. Managed to split some 
firewood eventually but the wood-miser saw bench, that was needed to mill 
some Larch, also wouldn't start, and of course the battery for that was only 
accessible after some extensive removal of sawdust-encrusted casings with 
inaccessible nuts and bolts.

I like this cold weather; the muddy yard is actually like concrete which 
means life is a little less messy for a while but it has its downsides.....

Just thought I'd share my frustrations with you; you can feel all smug (snug 
even) in your nice warm offices! Those of you that have turned up for work 

ATB and compliments of the season.


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