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RE: Large trees in urban landscape - a design and management guide

Subject: RE: Large trees in urban landscape - a design and management guide
From: John Flannigan
Date: Dec 31 2009 19:09:06
                             LAST FEW DAYS!!
                  Arboricultural Association Consultation
                      The Approved Contractor Scheme

My word Jonathan, that's quite a list. Happy to contribute if necessary.

By the way, the USA govt has been spending $30 million annually since 1990
trying to find answers to these questions. 

Happy new year everyone


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From: Jonathan Hazell [] 
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Subject: Large trees in urban landscape - a design and management guide

                             LAST FEW DAYS!!
                  Arboricultural Association Consultation
                      The Approved Contractor Scheme

Dear all,

Many thanks to Bettina (and then John Hearne) for drawing our collective
attention to the CIRIA research project that was initially going to be
called "A guide for long lived large trees and other green infrastructure in
urban environments" but which has morphed into the above.   Thanks also to
Chris for allowing me to post here.

I have expressed an interest to be considered as a suitable research
contractor, and I have now been invited to tender and am looking to the
arboricultural industry and profession for support.

The objective of the project, according to the papers published by CIRIA,
are as follows:

        "The project will focus on large landscape trees in the context of
being an important element of green infrastructure. Other green
infrastructure will be referred to so that users of the projects outputs
will understand the 'bigger picture' and the current drive in the UK. Key
objectives for the project are:

*       to provide authoritative and comprehensive guidance on the urban
landscape design, planting, management and maintenance of large canopy trees
drawing upon and adding to existing publications which will be referred to
and signposted
*       to address the social and economic benefits of large trees together
with their contribution towards adaptation to climate change. These benefits
apply equally to new plantings and existing stocks of trees found in our
town streets, parks and urban woodland  
*       to provide proof and justification that demonstrate the cost benefit
of large trees
*       to provide technical guidance for the construction supply chain
(clients, developers, landscape architects, consultants and contractors) on
the inclusion of large trees in their projects and avoidance on potential
adverse impacts.

                This project will cover both new and existing developments
in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland."

The outputs will be, again according to the papers as published by CIRIA, 

*       A free summary leaflet. This will also be downloadable on CIRIA web
*       A (may be two) good practice guidance for construction, design and
financial professionals on the technical requirements for integrating the
planting of large landscape trees into developments.  
*       A workshop to promote the results of this project (this could tie-in
with seminar series run through Natural England's Natural Development

I am confident that this particular target could be improved upon.

Once I have had the opportunity to go through the project brief in more
detail I will put some detail onto the UK TC in order to elicit support to
address specific areas of the project brief.

Please don't hesitate to contact me off forum.


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