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Re: CAVAT [Scanned]

Subject: Re: CAVAT [Scanned]
From: Scott Cullen
Date: Dec 22 2010 12:32:09

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  Subject: Re: CAVAT [Scanned]

  This is the placing of a monetary value on something, so surely it 
  should be peer reviewed by economists.

  You know, the people who gave us Enron and manage the affairs of of our 

  SC Shaw said something like "if you lined up all the economists, they would 
not add up to a conclusion."  In my earlier comments, I noted that economists 
think like economists.  They expect everyone else to think like economists.  
They expect the world to comport to normative economics.  Except the world 
sometimes doesn't.  And while normative economics sort of works in "perfect 
markets in equilibrium," amenity trees are not really market goods.  Well you 
can reduce them to being market goods as if all anybody cares about is how 
they affect the market value of the land where they sit.  Or for publicly 
owned trees (inalienable, public sector assets in RICS parlance) you can make 
believe they are market goods.  But methods like CAVAT and the CTLA methods 
and Jim's FEM may be looking for something other than "economic value" or be 
answering an non-economic question.

  Scott Cullen

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