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Tilia x europaea 'Pallida'

Subject: Tilia x europaea 'Pallida'
From: Topher Martyn
Date: Dec 22 2010 14:59:12

Dear All,

Anyone have experience of the above lime cultivar?

A cursory look at Bean implies it may not be that different from conventional 
T. x europaea, but I've never seen it myself.

It is being planted in association with a long-standign avenue of T x 
europaea, so it can't look too out of place!  Again, this location stops me 
going for T. euchlora, or indeed, a smasher like T. oliveri.

Is it different enough to look odd, or will the physical and structural 
differnces between mature and young trees distract  all but the fussiest of 

Thanks, as ever.


Topher Martyn

Head Gardener

Syon House

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