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Subject: Re: BS 8516
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Dec 22 2010 18:29:09
A much more subtle and difficult to define factor has to do with
influence. It has been my observation that what some people say is taken

far more seriously than what others say.


It has also been my observation that there is
not necessarily a strong positive correlation between the ability of an
individual to exercise influence over the industry and the validity of

their opinions.


You are right Chris and of course the issue is not about being right. Hitler 
after all was very
influential..but few would argue he was right. You might be interested in a 
quote slightly closer to


"Being "right" does not seem to be either a necessary or sufficient condition 
for having an impact.
Some documents have been both influential and wrong. Work that is later 
criticized or discredited by
scientific peers can nevertheless be extremely important in raising issues, 
shifting scientific
debate and shaping policy outcomes"


Spilsbury M & D Kaimowitz (2000) The influence of research and publications on

conventional wisdom and policies affecting forests. Unasylva 203 Vol 51 pages 





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