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air quality and health

Subject: air quality and health
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Dec 23 2010 10:24:03


"The Mortality Effects of Long-Term Exposure to Particulate Air Pollution in 
the United Kingdom".


There seem to be some useful statements in this document wrt the background 
to air quality and
health impacts:


"As everyone dies eventually no lives are ever saved by reducing 
environmental exposures - deaths
are delayed resulting in increased life expectancy."


It also has a nice map (p35) which indicates that if air quality is of 
concern to you you shouldn't
go anywhere near central London and east of the A34 and definitely east of 
the M3 and M1 the country
splits in two - those with clean air, and those without. Scotland is deep 
blue to compensate for the
lack of Tories there.


It seems to be a useful map for identifying where vegetation might be of use 
in improving air
quality (SE England, East Midlands and the major cities), and those areas 
where there should be no
problem. Trees and vegetation aren't mentioned so don't go there if that is 
what you are looking


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