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Merry Christmas from Rick in 98133 (US Zip Code)

Subject: Merry Christmas from Rick in 98133 (US Zip Code)
From: Rick Barrett
Date: Dec 24 2010 02:44:24
Dear UK Tree Care members,

For the last several years I've remained largely a lurker, very occasionally
contributing a posting when it seemed appropriate. I've noted the current
extraordinary rain in Great Britain, while simultaneously finding a small
(?) sinkhole in my gravel driveway, which has been in place since about 1920
without such a thing happening in my 65 years on the premises. Here in
Seattle we've just had our third "50 year storm" in the past 3 years, and
I'm ever so glad to have a good sump pump and dehumidifier, both working
24/7 to keep my basement  merely damp, rather than flooded.
Today I was listening to the Good Captain, a longtime musical favorite of
mine, when in "Sugar and Spikes" he expressed his joy of living even though,
as he put it "...There's no H on my faucet, no tit for my mouse..,".
This thought resonated with me, living in a municipality that seems
determined to "Destroy the Trees to Save Them" (sound familiar?), I just had
to put aside my differences with my electeds and realize that I've still got
a lot to be thankful for, which leads me to wish the very best to all of
you, fellow conspirators in the effort to to help and promote intelligent

Many thanks for your too often denigrated and ignored efforts.

Very Merry Christmas to all of you.

Rick in 98133 (US Zip Code)

"The only thing we learn from history is that we never learn from history."
~ Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

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