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Public Perceptions?

Subject: Public Perceptions?
From: andersonarb
Date: Dec 24 2010 15:23:13
Following on from Simon's comments about it being expected for him to write 
about stuff beyond his field of expertise, well yes I wonder about it as 
well, hence I find myself getting more than a little annoyed that just about 
every press report I've noticed regarding this unfortunate missing woman in 

Almost without exception they've referred to her as an "Architect." However 
if the Daily Mail is to be believed she isn't at all she's a Landscape 
Architect. Incredibly the Mail's article is actually more credible with 
details of her studying at Writtle (not noted for Architecture). 

The point here is that it's blindingly obvious that a large section of the 
public don't see much difference between two radically different 
professions....... So no wonder Joe and Joanna expect you to comment on other 
stuff. Perhaps, maybe.

All that aside obviously I hope she turns up safe and well; the Landscape 
Artichoke who drew this to my attention said he felt no real link with the 
story until he read she was a Landscape Architect, whereupon despite their 
being at opposite ends of the country he felt some connection.


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