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Re: Public Perceptions?

Subject: Re: Public Perceptions?
From: andersonarb
Date: Dec 29 2010 18:51:03
In a message dated 29/12/2010 GMT Standard Time, 
Unfortunate use of Joanna there Bill.... 

Jo was indeed a landscape Artichoke, she comes from down the road here and 
lived in the student house at the Hillier arboretum with my son and half 
dozen other girls when they were training 4-5 yrs ago. She was a lovely 
girl. I can't tell you how wierd it's been seeing her all over the front 
pages over Christmas. 

Desperately sad, poor girl, and her folks... 
We're not supposed to bury our chidren! 

Yeah we're not; I wrote it well before she was found Bill, and I was 
naturally hoping for a better outcome.... I was also pretty indignant that 
the press (except for the Mail) couldn't be ar5ed to get her profession 
right. And as I said, because she's a Landscape Architect, the story felt 
closer to home, as indeed it's proved to be. 

Obviously my deepest sympathy goes to her family and boyfriend (and you and 
your son) and if it's any consolation to them Teresa (my significant other) 
and I have been following the story with mounting 
outrage/annoyance/indignation/ sympathy/disgust  (I can't think of a single 
word to describe how you feel about stories like this) and our hearts go out 
to all of you.


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