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RE: ALMO tree stock

Subject: RE: ALMO tree stock
From: Andy . Clark
Date: Dec 30 2010 14:29:56

Glad to hear that the LTOA are giving the subject some thought. I did 
approach the assoc. some time back about opening their doors to ALMO tree 
officers, but am still waiting for the response.

But in terms of the specifics such as responsibility though, does a lot of 
it not come down to the individual LA or ALMO, and how the relationship 
between the two is set up?

I mean, in theory, and ALMO is just an organisation that's owned by the 
LA, so it's still the LA, just by another name. It should still be LA 
owned land, and still be LA owned trees.




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This is a subject thats been exercising LTOA minds recently. A mixed bag 
and a great deal of uncertainty and confusion over ultimate responsibility 
for the stock. Quite a lot of inspection and work under contract which can 
mean a 
lack of long term thought about strategy. 

Its privatisation is it not?

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I've been looking back through the archives relating to ALMO jurisdiction 
LA trees, and it seems to be a subject that's not widely covered. I found 
one thread dating back to '05 (although i may not have looked hard 

So 5 ish years down the line, where do people feel that the trend of 
Housing ALMOs, has lead their LPA tree stock?

Has it been a good thing? Has the ALMO taken it's jurisdiction over the 
trees seriously? Has the stock been diminished/expanded? 



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