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Re: ALMO tree stock

Subject: Re: ALMO tree stock
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Dec 31 2010 11:23:25
SC From this side of the pond it appears that government is also a victim 
of the general UK penchant for abbreviations and acronyms :)

the UK government is not alone - all bureaucracies, cabals and professions 
use acronyms and
jargon. They're great means of improving communication to those that know and 
ruining communication
to everybody else!


As for ALMO's I guess they have similar tendencies to QUANGOs and the various 
agencies set up at
"arm's length" to government. They tend to be excuses to increase senior 
staff pay and perks (thus
providing great incentives to go in this direction) and reduce pay and perks 
and everybody else.
Competition is what they call it.


Having done a number of surveys for what may be ALMOs (I had never heard of 
the term either), PFIs,
PPPs and similar acronymic oganisations it seemed to me that "trees" had been 
bundled into the
general landscape conditions, and "trees" had been left to last. Unless there 
were clear guidelines
with preferably financial incentives to support desirable outcomes there was 
no long term vision for
tree management.




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