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RE: ALMO tree stock

Subject: RE: ALMO tree stock
From: Addison, Gilbert
Date: Dec 31 2010 11:57:45
One of the consequences of outsourcing planning services and with it the
TO role, which was not appreciated until the last moment before signing
the contract, was that persons previously council officers but latterly
"consultants" have only limited circumstances when they can speak 'for'
the council. Before sending out any decision letters or making a TPO or
initiating contravention investigations I have to submit my
recommendations, in writing, to the client for ratification. The client
retains legal officers but no-one with any technical competence to
address my recommendations. Hey - it's an efficiency thing.

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Subject: Re: ALMO tree stock

Well it seems more increasingly evident that peeps like me are the
exception to the rule then..........

A 20 year time served arborist, directly employed by a London ALMO, with
the specific remit of managing the tree stock under the organisations
jurisdiction, in line with standing LA policies - to include all housing
communal open space land, and front/rear gardens of all council owned

You know, perhaps if people started being a bit more pro-active and
supportive, then maybe more ALMOs would have a better understanding of
the subject matter; ie, TREES, and therefore an increased ability to
take the job and the inherent responsibility seriously.

Especially when given their much closer relationship with Joe Public and
the likes. 

A bit of a waste really - and I'm beginning to regret asking the


"Jon Heuch" <>
31/12/2010 11:21
Please respond to

UK Tree Care <>

Re: ALMO tree stock

SC From this side of the pond it appears that government is also a
of the general UK penchant for abbreviations and acronyms :)

the UK government is not alone - all bureaucracies, cabals and 
professions use acronyms and
jargon. They're great means of improving communication to those that
and ruining communication
to everybody else!


As for ALMO's I guess they have similar tendencies to QUANGOs and the 
various agencies set up at
"arm's length" to government. They tend to be excuses to increase senior

staff pay and perks (thus
providing great incentives to go in this direction) and reduce pay and 
perks and everybody else.
Competition is what they call it.


Having done a number of surveys for what may be ALMOs (I had never heard

of the term either), PFIs,
PPPs and similar acronymic oganisations it seemed to me that "trees" had

been bundled into the
general landscape conditions, and "trees" had been left to last. Unless 
there were clear guidelines
with preferably financial incentives to support desirable outcomes there

was no long term vision for
tree management.




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