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Re: Copyright Breach

Subject: Re: Copyright Breach
From: Chris Hastie
Date: Dec 13 2011 13:45:36
On 13/12/11 13:00, Burke, Nicholas wrote:
You'd have to say where it came from and use no more than 25% of a
publication or one whole chapter. 

I'm not sure what makes you say that Nick, but it differs considerably
from my understanding of the law. I'm not aware of any mention of 25% or
of 1 chapter. There are exceptions for 'fair dealing' in a number of
categories. This is a commercial use, so private research and study
would not apply. You might be able to argue criticism and review if your
report includes some discussion of the points. If the report is to use
in a court case it will probably be covered by the exception for use in
judicial proceedings (s45 of the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988).

But the best approach is to ask for permission. Or ask a lawyer. Paying
the royalties is probably cheaper than paying a lawyer though :)

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