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RE: Councils Carrying Out Tree Inspections on Private Land

Subject: RE: Councils Carrying Out Tree Inspections on Private Land
From: Edmund Hopkins
Date: Dec 21 2011 08:07:27
It's helpful that you've gone to the trouble of a longish reply Mike because 
tree officers will increasingly be confronting this dilemma and arguing the 
case against.

Still we are all small fish in the council pond and if selling services is 
the political imperative that is what will happen, with or without the humble 
TO. Kent CC has a long track record in the matter, as Jon's links make clear, 
others are playing catch up.

The way individual TO's face up to unpalatable policies will vary, but we all 
must be mindful of professional ethics set out by the various industry 
bodies. For my part if I am uneasy about an instruction I leave a paper 
trail, and as everyone in planning knows, the officer recommends but someone 
else decides.


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Subject: Councils Carrying Out Tree Inspections on Private Land

"The proposal is that we would carry out inspections on private trees, for a 
fee and as long as the trees are not covered by any statutory protection."

It would be wise to look at this matter across a range of issues:

*         Public Purse

*         Public Policy

*         Equitability

*         Conflicts of interest

*         Impacts

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