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Councils Carrying Out Tree Inspections on Private Land

Subject: Councils Carrying Out Tree Inspections on Private Land
From: Michael Lawson
Date: Dec 21 2011 08:42:35

We are actually all in this as an industry together. The private sector and 
public sector will all face a decade of incredible challenge and change. It 
would be wise if we worked as an industry to inform and I would challenge the 
AA, the ISA, NATO and the ICF to help their memberships plan for this change 
now. They might start by providing space within their committees and 
periodicals for discussion and  pieces that directly assess the benefits and 
potential negative impacts of this type of approach by local government.

If I was an officer being asked to write a report or to consider this I would 
like to have help with the headings and a bearing that I knew had at least 
been logic and stress tested by the great and the good.

Let's look at one heading.

Commercial data and systems

How are prices and services fairly set
Who sets the brief
How will we accept instructions, phone, fax, email, post
What areas are excluded, I see statutory mentioned, does that include 
planning conditions, felling licences, species  / wildlife licences, high 
hedges etc etc
Will we credit check for credit history and demand upfront payment or by 
invoice or both
Who will chase payment
Who will prepare the standard terms and conditions of engagement for 
What exclusions will we apply
What do we do if provided with client terms of engagement to sign
Who will update our insurers on the new activities
How will a client file be created
Will it be electronic
Will it be hard file
How long do we retain files
Where do we store them
What fire/Chinese walls will exist to separate fee paying client data from 
Council public data
What data protection systems will be put in place
On what systems is data captured
How do we manage overtime
How do we manage out of hours working
Who does the tree data belong to
When works are recommended will contractors be recommended
How are report and data outputs quality controlled
How is the system audited
How are complaints handled

Just the ordinary issues for any commercial enterprise to grapple with.

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