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Re: The Radio Oak

Subject: Re: The Radio Oak
From: Bill Kowalczyk
Date: Dec 21 2011 09:51:03
On 20 Dec 2011, at 15:05, Andrew McManus wrote:


If the root area is to be dug up in the process of stump removal and road 
"re-instatement" post felling perhaps this is an opportunity to discover 
just how the tree roots had responded to the raise in levels and 
construction. Even knowing the porosity/soil type of the fill used to raise 
the levels could be interesting. Though the tree was not dead, a post 
mortem excavation could reveal a few answers.

I understand that a Picus examination was undertaken by a private contractor, 
which did not condemn the tree. 
But then the tree was taken down (almost by stealth) and all arisings 
secreted away making it very difficult for anyone to raise any 'scientific' 
Ho hum....

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