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RE: Ganoderma applanatum/australe on n.maple - implications

Subject: RE: Ganoderma applanatum/australe on n.maple - implications
From: David Evans
Date: Dec 21 2011 11:40:07
<<First you'll have to make sure it either is G. lipsiense or G. australe 
(microscope), with the last one mentioned being the most probable on Acer, 
and if it is the biotrophic parasitic G. australe, the answer is no, it can't 
withstand colonisation (on the long run).>>

Hi Gerrit

Tony Croft has been using the term 'biotrophic parasite' in relation to G. 
adspersum/australe on here.  I questioned him about these labels and asked 
him whether he could point me to any research that demonstrated that the 
fungus was 'biotrophic' and/or 'parasitic', because this was news to me, but 
he hasn't replied yet.  Can you point me in the right direction?

Similarly, that G. adspersum/australe is deterministically fatal to Acers, no 
matter the circumstances, is also news to me.  Where does the research for 
this conclusion come from?


Acer ventura

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