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RE: A bit of seasonal tree news

Subject: RE: A bit of seasonal tree news
From: Burke, Nicholas
Date: Dec 21 2011 12:29:52
The statement I've copied from it below shows how bad things the forests
are being cut down for agricultural land, now a part of my brain which I
admit has never had anything to do with farming wonders why are they
stripping what I would guess from the description 'rocky and steep' is
not the best land to grow food on are things so bad that we need to use
even this land. I guess the answer is yes but I do feel that the
resources to grow food without using this land could be providing (sorry
I'm trying to not point fingers. And surely as stated it covers other
species for a reason.

"The forests that remain are declining because the old individuals are
dying continuously, and there no new individuals coming into the system.
That means that the forests are running out of trees."

"In places like Oman and Yemen, it is being cut down systematically.
Now, in Ethiopia, it is being cut down as land is being turned over to

The small trees, which generally reach a height of no more than 5m
(16ft), grow in steep, rocky habitats, providing cover for other plant

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We are so crap at looking after anything!


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