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Re: A bit of seasonal tree news

Subject: Re: A bit of seasonal tree news
From: Tahir
Date: Dec 21 2011 15:32:41
Well, I have donated previously, just not for a couple of years, my favourite charities are TreeAid, WaterAid, MSF and Practical Action. I get the kids to donate half their christmas money to charity so should have a bit of wonga next week :)

I'll post about whatever project we choose, but I'll be honest there's not much hope of preserving naturally forested landscapes in most of the world:

Brazil - Rules relaxed to allow more rainforest to be ripped up
Indonesia - still plenty of deforestation going on
Pakistan/India - Loads of trees being ripped up for population growth and development Tasmania - old growth forest being logged for woodchip!!! ( North America - plenty of old growth forest still being logged ( Central Asia - Cradle of orchard fruits almost gone (

I guess in the Western world we're replanting, can't see much chance of that in Asia


p.s. Apologies for depressing everyone so close to Christmas.

On 21/12/2011 15:08, Ben Maxted wrote:
attaboy Tahir!
I was in Overseas aid as a semi-arid zone forest/agriculturalist for @11
years and did a Masters in Food security and famine economics. If i can be

of any assistance I should be delighted to be so.
ps Kew are still active in this area I believe?

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