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RE: positivsm

Subject: RE: positivsm
From: antony croft
Date: Dec 21 2011 18:39:33

Argh, point taken!
I was reading this in my new book, the evolving language and regional 
differences, one of five oxfords that i bought after being told i should read 
the oxford guide to plain english! i also bought effective writing, grammar 
and punctuation etc etc, with any luck i may even avoid any petty issues in 
the near future!
I should have stayed in school rather than fishing or working me thinks! nah! 
i had good times on that river, learning from nature!
I would say this "difference" attitude is not just confined to language 
grammar and terminology, it seems to permeate even the science, one saying 
the other science is rubbish, a claiming the superior science over another. 
when often the truth is found by the man in the middle who embraces both 
sides and comes up with something betwixt the two views.
The joining of several view points in arboriculture a theme i shall discuss 
more at a more formal occasion!

Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2011 18:11:28 +0000
Subject: Re: positivsm

Hi Tony,
Always been partial to a bit of Tolstoy!
Welll.... As no one else has taken the bait! Proposed as a bit of fun. It 
all depends on your accepted source and point of view. If you take the OED 
then it's mycorrhizae, end of, now and forever, amen. To paraphrase 
another! However, the OED necessarily lags behind current usage. Most, if 
not all erudite researchers in the UK use the term mycorrhizas. Which is 
correct? We could debate it from now until whenever and still not resolve 
the issue. The important thing is, by the time we finished we would both 
understand where the other was coming from. Does it really matter that much 
which term is employed when we both know we are talking about the same 


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