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RE: Ganoderma applanatum/australe on n.maple - implications

Subject: RE: Ganoderma applanatum/australe on n.maple - implications
From: Viper Snake
Date: Dec 21 2011 20:43:56

Hi David,
- And, in your first posting on this thread you said G. adspersum/australe 
was fatal to Acer. Is what you meant, or are you qualifying it by saying it 
is more 'detrimental' to your listed genus above than the genus not listed.
- To avoid misunderstanding because of my way of expressing myself in the 
English language, of which I'm not a native speaker, with detrimental and/or 
fatal I mean detrimental to the stability of the tree because of the massive 
and rapid wood degrading strategy of the mycelium of G. australe in the tree 
species I before mentioned, not primairely to the vitality or condition of 
the tree.

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