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good work

Subject: good work
From: Ben Maxted
Date: Dec 22 2011 09:10:27
Hallo Martyn
this sounds like good work.
We had some success by encoraging villagers to cultivate Teak (to pay for a
wedding or schooling for children for example) or better still Sandalwood.

Also we co-cropped soil improving leguminous tree species with Arrowroot in
order to control diarrhoea in infants, and also insecticidal
plants.(e.g.Ocimum sanctum)

This was whilst I was with  with Save the Children UK in Sri Lanka during
the Tamil conflict ,things were difficult, but the incentives appeared
acceptable to all concerned at the time.

There needs to be a fiscal and cultural incentive within the local time
frames of expectation and balancing these isn't easy of course,is it ever?

it is heartening to hear of your work

Merry Christmas to all of you


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