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Basis for TPO's

Subject: Basis for TPO's
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Dec 22 2011 09:51:58

..."in the interests of amenity". S 198 (1) of the Act in E&W - what act 
applies in NI I know not.


Define "amenity" and you're half way there.


The 1972 HM Treasury review of forestry (an inter departmental cost benefit 
study) did not define
amenity but did make a useful statement IMO:


"amenity is normally synonymous with something one experiences in the 
background by residents or
passers by whose presence unconnected with state or appearance of 
landscape". This is fine
for shoppers and passers by. I am less convinced by this phrase for residents 
of houses who may be
profoundly influenced by the "amenity" of an area, but all the same they buy 
a house to put a roof
over their heads and the garden and trees are an add on (in many cases e.g. I 
didn't notice the
large oak tree in the back garden when I looked around the house!)


You get the general idea - it's the background but it also has to be 
experienced by humans. Thus it
is not a rare insect species that the vast majority of humans would have no 
interest in or knowledge
of, although that might change with a bit of education. It's not carbon 
sequestration to save the
planet but it might be air filtration and noise dampening. Think local.


The word is however just a bit vague, woolly, all embracing and elastic. 


Just a pinch of salt to go with the above message: the 1972 study concluded 
to the effect that there
was no point in growing oak trees and as a result the FC starting poisoning 
young oak plantations.
Might be considered to be slightly short sighted nowadays but it shows you 
what effect economists
can do when they get their teeth in a problem. They should be locked up in 


Seasonal greetings and a Happy Christmas to all fellow uktc-ers. I am signing 
off til 2012 (thank
God some of you may say) so as long as the world has not ended by then I hope 
to hear from you all


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