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RE: Basis for TPO's

Subject: RE: Basis for TPO's
From: Alastair Durkin
Date: Dec 22 2011 11:52:53
Hi Paul

Daniel has covered your questions comprehensively, but I would add one more 
thing important thing. That is that the Act does not define amenity. In this 
respect although the Blue Book gives guidance as to what the term may mean, 
an LPA has a significant amount of elbow room and can if they wish swing the 
term whichever way they want (as they can with expediency) provided there is 
reasoning behind it. In reality this means that even if you object to an 
order and confirmation has to be decided at committee, you may find it 
difficult to dissuade them from confirmation. In most circumstances, unless 
they have maladministrated the legal bits in some way, you are highly 
unlikely to succeed in the High Court and your best (really only) option if 
you really disagree with a TPO is to apply to remove the tree stating lack of 
amenity as your reason. Then if they refuse you can at least appeal to PINS 
and have it dealt with impartially.

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Subject: Basis for TPO's

Seems like a daft set of questions but:

On what basis does a TO subject a tree to a TPO?
Is it purely visual amenity, conservation, ecological, environmental or all?
Does the TO concern himself/herself with the geography, whether it be urban, 
sub-urban or countryside?
What relevent factors come into play?
If the tree cannot be seen by numerous households and enjoyed by such, does 
this affect the decision?
In terms of expediency and development and if the development where in 
secluded grounds, would the TO be inclined to TPO or not?
Is a judicial review the way forward in overturning the TPO, or does this lie 
only on appeal?

I've trawled the 2009 amended Blue Book, but may be missing the point........

Appreciate your reply as always..... and a Merry Xmas to UKTC...........!!!!!!


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