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Re: A bit of seasonal tree news

Subject: Re: A bit of seasonal tree news
From: Moray Simpson
Date: Dec 23 2011 00:38:44
Countries like Eithiopia are selling and leasing huge tracts of land
to overseas companies for agriculture, resulting in deforestation and
the indiginous people being displaced. This is going to result in
added pressures on marginal land and it's vegetation.

Tree Aid is well worth supporting to help with sustainable agri
forestry projects in Africa. It's easy to give, whether as a one of
donation or by setting up a direct debit.

Happy mid winter soltstice and a good new year to all.



On 21 Dec 2011, at 14:48, Ben Maxted <> wrote:

Nick et al
it depends what is being grown,with a famine on in Somalia/Kenya
this means
there is a vibrant demand for agricultural products which outstrips
demand for Frankincense. However  from my experience high quality
Frankincense always commanded a high price. However given the
turmoil in
the North African and near eat at present it may be that demand is
Millet and Sorghum can be grown on rocky and steep land provided
there is
enough water and the many pests and diseases can be controlled of
Take a trip out to these places with Tree Aid/Oxfam or Save the
and you will get a better idea.It cannot be done from the armchair
Merry Christmas and Jolly boxmas to one and all

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