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Re: Basis for TPO's

Subject: Re: Basis for TPO's
From: andersonarb
Date: Dec 23 2011 10:33:29
Hi Charles,
It's nothing to do with a fair trial but an "independent and impartial 
hearing," which if the same Officer serves it and then considers objections 
cannot be said to be any such thing. And as I say a bunch of smug Elected 
Members not allowing any sort of discussion, and with a mindset along the 
lines of "trees must need protection" (four legs good?) just exacerbates the 

IME there frequently isn't a site visit and on the most recent one I attended 
(I'm usually not informed about site visits) I was expressly forbidden from 
saying anything, which again is no sort of hearing or even discussion.

I'm fairly sure that some of the local TOs don't like the situation/system 
but they're so low in the pecking order that the Head of Planning isn't going 
to allow them to set up a BB-compliant, system unless something drastic 

I'm not familiar with the case you mention, but it doesn't sound as though 
the case was made about the proper following of guidance. Mynors' 1st ed has 
quite a chunk about this matter. (16.6.6)

FWIW, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't claim for your book expenses 
against tax, our accountant regards it as a legitimate expense. Mind you I 
don't see why your employers shouldn't pay for such stuff either, it's just 
as essential as your PPE and when you see some of the cr@p our LAs spend 
money on!





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